Key Researchers

Creativity and Affective Neuroscience Lab(CANB)is led by Dr. Jiang Qiu who is the director of Key laboratory of cognition and personality(SWU),Ministry of Education and Brain Imaging Center of Southwest University. Several excellent Ph. Ds from diversity fields of science are also contributing to this center, including:
  • Dongtao Wei who devotes himself to the early diagnosis of depression.
  • Wenjing Yang who focus on creativity and motivated forgetting.
  • Yuan Liu who focus on psychological statistics and measurement.
  • Qunlin Chen who focus on cognitive and neuroscience mechanisms underlying the creative process.
  • Hongwei Wen who focus on machine learning and medicine computing.

  • Ongoing Projects

    We aim to delve deep into the neuroscience of creativity and emotion. There are two intriguing question we are examining in our group: (1)Why someone are more creative than others and how to improve everyone’s creativity; (2) Why certain people are more vulnerable to affective disorders (e.g depression and anxiety) and how to identify them and help them in advance. To investigate the two questions, three aspects are now being undertaken simultaneously:
    1. A large Gene-Brain-Behavior(GBB)database with an increasing sample of more than 1500 participants has been built and is still under building;
    2. Multi-facet analysis: Gene information, psychological indices, especially variables that relate to creativity and emotion, neuroimaging data are studied together to reveal the complex interactions of nature and nurture, behavior and mentality, etc.;
    3. Intervention and Brain Stimulation studies : We designed several cognitive training procedures to prevent the onset of depression and to improve creativity potential. Brain stimulation equipment including the tDCS and TMS are also adopted to achieve the same purpose.

    Newly Publications